From Our Network Events


February 26, 2016
Allena Gabosch, Sex-Positive Speaker, Author, Coach and Activist, spoke on “Sexuality and Our Seniors.” She pointed to the “Sexual Expression Policy” formulated by the Hebrew Home at Riverdale as a model for senior housing providers to follow.

January 23, 2015
The lovely facilities at Butterworth Funeral Home where we met are close to a century old in parts.


January 24, 2014
Ms. Mary Sroufe, Ballard Elder Law, gave an overview of the legal environment for gay and lesbian relationships after the 2013 defeat of the (US) federal Defense of Marriage Act.

WA Marriage after DOMA’s defeat presentation 1-24-2014

Here is a further sample of the speakers we bring to our monthly meetings:

Marsha Botzer, Botzer Consulting
Transgender Issues

Debbie Carlsen, LGBTQ Allyship
The Intergenerational Project

Jamie Clausen, Phinney Estate Law
Same-Sex Marriage Laws in the State of Washington

Simon Ellis, Cedar River Clinics
Medical Care for the LGBTQ Community

Lauren Glickman, Foray Consulting and Associates
Resiliency, Trauma Exposure Response, and Self-Care within Mission-Driven, Emotionally-Intense Professions

David Haack, Living Care Lifestyles
Long-Term Care Marketing to the LGBT Community in Washington State

Andrea Lahr, MSW, University of Washington
Caring for Partners: An LGBT Study

Leanne Plancic, AXA Advisors Financial Planning for Same-Sex Couples

Ruben Rivera-Jackman, King County Housing Authority
Cultural Competency Training