Our Mission

The NW LGBT Senior Care Providers Network seeks to increase awareness of and provide education about the issues faced by LGBT elders in our community.  We offer training to community groups and assisted living facilities, and invite all in the NW to join us in making the NW a great place to age for all.

Northwest LGBT  Senior Care Providers at Pride Parade Seattle

The Network has been proud to serve the older LGBT community through its programs, community members, and partnerships with community providers.

  • We formed the Northwest LGBT Senior Care Providers Network in 2010 to develop practice standards for organizations that provide services to older adults (assisted living, home care, transportation, etc.) to insure that they are welcoming and respectful to the LGBT community.
  • We coordinated an LGBT Aging Your Way Gathering at The Central on June 7, 2011. Action Team Volunteers previously formed by the Elder Summit and other agencies gathered after robust discussions on what we want our community to look like in the future.
  • The NW LGBT Senior Care Providers marched for the first time as an organization in the 2011 Pride Parade, the 37th annual Pride Parade celebrating our LGBT community. The picture above is from that year.

    We have grown stronger every year since 2011. You can move throughout our pages to see our accomplishments.