Educational Resources from the Members

This page provides information about educational materials offered by Network members. The documents, seminars, talks, and workshops are on a broad range of topics, from advocacy to professional development to self-help. Please contact each Network member individually to learn more. The information about Network members’ materials does not constitute an endorsement of the materials by the Network.

Puget Sound Old Lesbians Organizing for Change (PSOLOC) has contributed to numerous books and maintains an oral history project. Please go to their website for details.

This fact sheet, “Addressing Social, Economic and Health Disparities of LGBT Older Adults & Best Practices in Data Collection”, was released in 2016 by the LGBT+ National Aging Research Center.

Burien Nursing and Rehabilitation Center is a financial sponsor of Reel in the Closet, a Stu Maddox documentary. Mr. Maddox explains his motive for filming this movie:

“Reel In The Closet is a feature-length documentary that let’s us connect with queer people from the past through the rare home movies that they left for us.

I was searching for a way to really understand the people who came before me, not just read about them. I discovered old queer home movies dating back to the 1930s in closets and attics around the world. There were also all these recorded news stories and community productions that they left behind.

I spent three years making a documentary that I hope lets you feel what I felt the first time I saw one of these movies.

But a big part of the story for me are not the few movies that have been saved but all the ones being thrown out- sometimes on purpose. In a decade, most will be destroyed or no longer playable.

We will never get that feeling back.”

Ruben Rivera-Jackman, MNPL, GMHS, PSC, Director of Resident Services, SHAG Community Life Foundation, is a certified Trainer with the National Resource Center on LGBT Aging. Among other topics, he speaks on “Introduction to LGBT Aging” and “Welcoming LGBT Older Adults.”

Lauren Williams of Casual Uncluttering LLC (aka Queerly Organized) has a portable demonstration of an organizing session, her “Organizer on the Road Show,” designed to let anyone get comfortable and familiar with the process of using a professional home organizer. You can follow this link to learn more.

LGBTQ Senior Care: Where are we today?” by Lauren Williams, Seattle Gay News, p. 1, Friday July 1, 2016 Volume 44 Issue 27